Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Wellness? This May Help

Living a Fearless Life

There are a lot of people who believe there is a lot to be gained when fear is a motivator. They place a lot of power on the force of fear. They attribute more productivity to it, than what curiosity, ambition and need managing. This linking to positive outcomes helps them ignore the bad side of fear.
They need to acknowledge the fact that fear leads to some terrible physical or psychological conditions in people. Fear leads to chronic health issues and mental sickness. It has killed people’s dreams and relationships. You need to watch out for that feeling of fear. It certainly needs not be seen as a motivator.

Fear has been seen as a trigger for physiological change. Medical and psychological specialists have carried out research that pointed towards the part fear plays in shifting our physiology when you feel it and over time. You shall have an immediate flight or fight response, which prepares your body for either response. You thus have your physical state changed. You also learn in the process that this is how you react to any similar future circumstances, and that info is stuck in your brain permanently. If you feel fear frequently, you shall have anxiety disorders, depression, and premature death.

AS long as you think of the things happening to you as out of fear, your brain shall keep tracking them and linking them to fear, no matter how calm you are. This is shown through stress. We now see how chronic stress has led to the major causes of death.

Fear is also known for leaving you always on survival mode. As much as survival instincts are part of us; they should not direct all our lives. The constant feeling is not good for your mind or body. You will not manage to enjoy building loving relationships, caring for your family, and being a positive force in society. These wonderful life situations are never realized because of fear.

Fear also comes in to destroy how you see things. All you ever focus on are the threats to your life. You cannot afford to look at things holistically. This leaves you with a diminished capacity to experience all that life has to offer. You thus shall not manage to conceptualize time, anticipate the future properly, and hold different perspectives and opinions. You get to develop narcissism or victim mentality. At work, you shall not manage to collaborate in teams, ignore business growth opportunities, and keep a poor work-life balance.

Fear will even change your behavior. People turn anxious, depressed, narcissistic, desperate, and violent. Fear rarely leads to a better person. This is done by your truth, which is undermined by fear. The truth gives you freedom to enjoy life. Fear aims to kill this truth. You will thus discover more joy in life if you shun fear and embrace your truth.

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