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All You Need to Know about How Wristwatches Work

The mechanical watches, digital watches, automatic watches and quartz watches are some of the most common types of watches on the market. Most of the digital watches are powered by a battery which requires be changed from time to time when the battery dies though smartwatches have batteries that can be recharged. The other types of watches do not use a battery. This article is going to help you learn more about how watches work and the source of their power.

Out of all the wristwatches, the mechanical watches oldest type which powers itself using the stored energy in its wound up spring. For a mechanical watch to spin it requires energy and for a mechanical watch, the power source is made up of gears, springs, and barrels. You will find that each watch has a mainspring that fits inside the circular barrel wheel where you will also find other smaller springs connected to the gear train. When you wind the stem of the watch, you will cause the mainspring to also wind and as a result, the energy which is created will travel to the gear train. The gear train consists of the other wheels inside the watch which allows passage of energy from the mainspring. The mechanical watch also has an escapement mechanism which is also a type of wheel that never makes a full rotation that gives the oscillator power to regulate the speed of the wheel so that the middle wheel turns at a balanced pace. A smaller wheel called the cannon pinion keeps the second, minute, and hour hands in a steady pace.

There is no significant difference between an automatic watch and mechanical watch and the only difference is that in an automatic watch you’re not required to wind up the main spring yourself since the watch will wind itself up during the times you are in motion. The quartz watches are generally not mechanical and interesting enough they do not have a battery and they will rely on a natural occurrence known as piezoelectric effect whereby an electric current is formed on the surface of the quartz that has the ability to power the watch. The natural quartz crystals on quartz watches is paired with a smart battery which sends electricity through the quartz that vibrates and each vibration is converted into a tick by the watch. Using the quartz watch will guarantee you that the watch will not malfunction due to temperature fluctuations and the watches also resistant to shock unlike other types of watches. To understand more about how the wristwatches work, ensure that you click here to visit the page with more info.

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