A Brief History of Ginseng

Are There More Benefits of Ginseng Than Side Effects?

In the health industry, Ginseng is a most common topic.
Many things are written about its effects on us. Usually, the could be side effects of taking ginseng are not discussed. For one who is health conscious, knowledge of the risks of ginseng is equally important as knowing its good effects.
Continue reading here to learn more about the side effects and benefits of ginseng.
What Exactly is Ginseng?

It is but proper to have an idea about Ginseng before looking into the benefits and risks of taking it. Ginseng is considered an herb and it arises from ginseng root.
There are many types of ginseng. Among the types are Asian, American and Siberian ginseng.
Among the most popular types researched is the Panax ginseng. It is found in Far East Asia. Aside from being used in teas, it is also used in various supplements. Antioxidants help build the immunity of the body and a lot of these are found in ginseng. Because of this, plenty of researches have been conducted about it in the medical profession.

Benefits Of Ginseng
Ginseng and Its Benefits

Does ginseng really have positive effects? Drinking ginseng tea can increase energy and reduce stress levels. It can lessen stress since it has the ability to calm the nerves and improve blood circulation. It can also relieve fatigue. A research about the Panax ginseng proved that it has a good effect on the social functioning and mood of people. Researches have been done for a long time to prove the effect of ginseng on cancer. The plant is full of components to help stop cancer cells from growing. Its root helps in lowering the level of blood sugar. Research shows that patients suffering from diabetes can rely on ginseng in managing it. Studies show that drinking ginseng tea can lessen erectile dysfunction. To suppress appetite, drink ginseng tea. It is good for weight loss and leads to faster metabolism. Drinking ginseng, according to clinical studies, may help mental performance. Brain functions such as mental processing and attention are controlled by it.

What are the Risks of Ginseng?

Ginseng can have physical risks. Ginseng is connected to symptoms of insomnia.
After taking the herb, reports show that some people felt dizzy and had a headache. Consuming the herb can lead to diarrhea. There are also risks that blood pressure can increase or decrease.

It should be taken into consideration that certain medications can react with ginseng. It is not recommended for women with breast cancer. If you want to be sure, ask your doctor.
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After reading about the effects, use these as basis for weighing the benefits and risks.

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